A Seat at the Table – Rae Sage

The closest I’ve come to being a black woman in America is watching my mother and 6 sisters swim with the waves of the world. I couldn’t possibly properly speak from that perspective, so with honor I give you A Seat at the Table from one of our queens and 5th & Pratt guest Rae Sage. Peep her poetic insight of the Solange album below.


Like a hymn set to cymbals and a little bit of sunshine the album opens with “Rise”- a call to its listener. We are invited into a sensationally soft world. But don’t be fooled. Like all the best building materials, the content boasts strength at the same time. A Seat at the Table invades every bit of you.  When you listen to it your skin glows, your hair grows, and your booty bounces at a higher frequency.

Of all the things that made this album so remarkable, timing wins the bid for me. No matter what you believe, we’re all beginning to understand that everything has an energy, and most, if not all of us can feel it. With this in mind, it seems the swelling magnetism of Black Girl Magic, made our honey dipped hearts cry out. And like a savior indeed made in our own image Solange answered the cry flawlessly.

Years from now we will all remember the point in 2016 when self-care and self-love got a soundtrack. We will remember pinning our hair back in blue and pink clips and looking into the camera with stoic serenity. We will remember how fucking loud we shouted Don’t Touch My Hair despite the gentleness of the song. Cohesive, thoughtful, and engaging? Poignant, fluid, and accompanied by bomb ass visuals? Satisfaction guaranteed.

This work glistens with care and truth, in every intro, song, and interlude. Even the title speaks volumes. Its speaks to existing in a world that’s tried its best to convince Black Women, they don’t belong. It says we’re here and we will not be excluded or fooled. If you don’t want to make space for us, we’ll make our own. We’ll pull up our own chair and take our seat, and nothing will ever stop us again, and I personally will never stop being thankful for such a message.

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