KINGDREWLOVE: First I want to say thank you for sharing your time will 5th & Pratt and congratulations on the release of your project Better Seen In Color. How has the reception been?

J.LARRY: Thank you; the reception has been great so far. There’s been nothing but love and I definitely appreciate it.

KINGDREWLOVE: I myself definitely enjoyed the music! I got my download from datpiff so shout-out to them!

OK let’s start with the title of the record. You touched on the meaning skillfully in your intro but I want you to explain to those who haven’t listened yet where that comes from.

J.LARRY: Better Seen In Color has multiple meanings… It represents some things you just have to see in person ’cause me telling a story and trying to explain it to you will never do it justice. Better Seen In Color… Don’t rely on me telling you how it was, actually go and see for yourself. That’s one meaning. Another is I have a big dream and I try explaining it to people and they act like they understand the vision but I know they don’t really understand so the best thing I can ever do is actually make it with this music shit and literally show them the vision as it comes to life in front of our eyes.

KINGDREWLOVE: I think that concept holds true with most things in life. I realized recently that seeing is believing with people, and even still they may not fully grasp what’s in front of them.

Moving on, what was the most challenging thing while creating this album?

J.LARRY: The most challenging thing while creating this album I would say was the beat selection. I wanted to switch it up, adding a bit more uptempo songs and just kinda prove to myself that I can step outside of my comfort zone. I decided to choose beats that had a little more bounce to em, but still remained true to myself, having a soulful sense to it all and making all of it fit together cohesively.

KINGDREWLOVE: A week ago you dropped your visual for the track Something 4 The Soul which is my favorite track on the record. By the way I love the lyrical content through-out the entire project. It’s very personal. But the video… great concept, great quality, props to your videographer… What inspired you to tell that story?

J.LARRY: The sample within that beat Please Don’t Pass Me By instantly inspired me and the words just spilled out on to the page. I felt like this is my time and I don’t want God to pass me by thinking I’m not ready yet for the blessings I know I have in store.

KINGDREWLOVE: In the song, you rap about your parents not believing in your dreams, thinking it’s just a phase. How difficult is it not having that support from your folks behind you?

J.LARRY: Trip off of that is my parents actually do support and believe in my dreams (they actually don’t like that line ’cause I said otherwise). But for me I guess I didn’t feel the support from my parents the way I thought I was suppose to be. My parents would always pressure me about work and school but neither of the two were my focus, music was what I wanted to do and I was certain! But how do you express that to those who just want whats best for you.

KINGDREWLOVE: I think it can be scary for parents who want the best for you but have to watch you give your all into a field that’s often difficult to be successful in.

What’s keeping you motivated? What or who is keeping your fire burning?

J.LARRY: Just having people message me and tell me how much they believe in me and my music, telling me to keep going ’cause my time is coming. That’s all the motivation anyone could ask for, on top of my self motivation, knowing this is something I really wanna do for a lifetime and the fact that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have the talent.


KINGDREWLOVE: Who’s your biggest inspiration in music right now?

J.LARRY: Probably still Cole, because everything I’ve ever even half-way thought of doing he’s thought of and executed, so I just really love watching him move. Chance and Isaiah Rashad are my main like inspirations when it comes to the way they move and the way they came up… It has just been really inspiring to see.

KINGDREWLOVE: Chance the Rapper made Grammy history recently winning 3 Grammys for his independent, online streaming only album Coloring Book. How does that barrier being broken affect you and the vision for your future?

J.LARRY: Its big for not only the Hip-Hop culture but the music industry as a whole. He made it OK to release music on a mainstream platform without having to hand over the rights to your music to a major corporation. Makes you realize if you really work on gathering a solid fan base, you don’t have to worry about record deals.

KINGDREWLOVE: You’re an indie artist who seems to be doing a job balancing supporting yourself financially and supporting the dream, but it isn’t all sunny skies and rainbows for any of us out here. What’s the hardest part about being an indie artist and what advice do you have for other indie artist who may be in the same pocket as you?

J.LARRY: Support. Find supporters who will stick around and help you grow. I’m blessed to be surrounded by supporters but I do know without that support system none of this would be possible ’cause ain’t no struggle like financial struggle and we’ve all been there. Only thing I’d say to those who do find themselves struggle to find supporters, above all stay true to yourself. If you create quality work people will gravitate to it. You just have to put yourself out there to be criticized and be OK with it regardless of the feedback.

KINGDREWLOVE: OK, the question we’ve all been waiting for… Top 5 MC’s? Dead or alive…

1. Pac
2. Big
3. Nas
4. 3k
5. Kendrick (Hov, Em, and Common are usually interchangeable)

KINGDREWLOVE: I respect that! They’re all kings.

5th & Pratt is all about promoting and celebrating individuality. Can you touch on how important it is for you to just be you?

J.LARRY: Being yourself is so important, especially in today’s society where everyone just wants to ride the next “wave” when in reality what’s going to create the next wave is whenever you’re just being yourself.

KINGDREWLOVE: I like that.

What can we expect from you in the future?

J.LARRY: In the future you can expect more music, consistent music, better music, and merch. Oh and also a deal with Dreamville (Speaking this into existence)!

KINGDREWLOVE: Put it out into the universe, believe it, and it will come into fruition.

What’s one thing you want the world to know about J.Larry?

J.LARRY: One thing I want the world to know about J.Larry is that I just want people to dream big and don’t settle for the circumstance you’ve been given.

KINGDREWLOVE: And can I add from 5th & Pratt, never stop dreaming!

Thank you again for your time. It is appreciated. Where can the people find you? Give us your social media.

J.LARRY: SoundCloud: “J.Larry” IG and Twitter: “Officialjlarry”

KINGDREWLOVE: Follow us on IG and Twitter: 5thandPratt. Don’t forget to check out his record Better Seen In Color The streets are already talking and it’s worth the listen!

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