Where’d you get that?: Kickk Spott

Front KS

Kickk Spott is a Consignment Sneaker Shop located in the Georgetown neighborhood of D.C. For those unfamiliar with how consignment stores run; they will display your shoes preferable DS (Deadstock) or very lightly used with an agreement on a profit split in the range of 85% going to the seller and 15% going to the store.With the way Consignment stores are ran you’re always gonna find a crazy variety of shoes to pick from; which was exactly the case when I took a trip to Kickk Spott.


Kickk Spott has a great selection of newly released Jordans, Nike’s including a very good supply of SB’s, and they also carried the highly sought after Yeezy 350 and Adidas NMD Human Race. Kickk Spott definitely has my cosign .. Badun.. Tsss.. and is for sure worth checking out periodically because you never know what heat someone might drop off.



1436 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007