Sign of the Times trending on my timeline just moments after President Trumps military strike on a Syrian controlled base led me to believe that the twitterverse was 140 characterizing the end of the world, but no it was Harry! Who is Harry? Harry Styles! You know, former member of One Republic!.. Yeah I had to google the name too… I damn sure wasn’t interested in listening to what I expected to be another corny Top 40 radio hit that you can’t seem to escape no matter how many times you move to the next station, but then I saw tweets like these:


The song was co-written by Jeff Bhasker.


We never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets? The bullets

Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Just stop your crying, it’ll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here


With lyrics like that, the timing couldn’t have been better considering the current climate of our country and wars scattered all over the world. Safe to say, Harry has a hit on his hands! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played the ballad in the last few hours but the record sounds like it was pulled straight from a 80’s rock album. I don’t know¬†the name of any One Republic songs but if this sound is any indication of what to expect from his coming album, I will be purchasing. Styles is slated to perform on Saturday¬†Night Live April 15th, where artists typically perform two songs so tune in. In the meantime, listen to “Sign of the Times” below: