Top Albums of the year (SO FAR)

Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order and are just my opinion, the beautiful thing about music is that no one is ever wrong. I’ve learned that music affects us all differently and we should genuinely respect everyone’s opinion… while letting them know they have trash taste in music.

1. Kendrick Lamar ‘DAMN’


No surprise here right? Kendrick himself called his latest release his best project yet. His reasoning behind that was because ‘DAMN’ took a little from all his previous projects. I couldn’t agree more with this because you get songs that make you think on one side of the coin and on the other side you get tracks like ‘Loyalty’ which should be on everyone’s summer playlist.

Standout Track ‘Duckworth’ – It’s Kendrick running on all cylinders, he’s flowing over three different beats flawlessly and the story is flat out unbelievable.

2. Freddie Gibbs ‘You only Live 2wice’


Freddie Gibbs has been one of the most underrated rappers for at least three years now. Unfortunately, I feel as if that trend will continue even though his album should be in the same talks with DAMN and 4:44. I BEG OF YOU, if you’re a fan of Hip-Hop give this album a listen you wont be disappointed. Then after that check out his older projects and you’ll see why Gibbs needs his shine now. YOL2 deserves to be nominated for a Grammy but unfortunately It’ll get beat out by less deserving heavy hitters like DJ Khaled’s ‘Grateful’ and Drake’s ‘More Life’.

Standout Track: ‘Home Sick’ – It’s a very somber beat and the lyrics match perfectly with Freddie realizing that he has to make some changes in his life.

Syd – ‘Fin’


Syd, who may be better known for being the lead singer of the Grammy nominated group The Internet dropped a helluva album. Syd’s voice is a mixture of Fergie and Jesus and her versatility on this album is in full display; she’s got you covered on your no pants dance playlist with songs like ‘Drown in it’, and ‘Body’, she’s got the miss independent anthem of the year with the track ‘She got her own’, and she’s even got a track where she eerily channels the late great Aaliyah on the song titled ‘Know’. As someone who gets bored with your typical “Baby please come back to me” R&B this album kept me intrigued from beginning to end and it’s not packed with features which is always a plus.

Standout Track ‘Insecurities’ – I’m just a sucker for songs I feel like I can really feel, even if I haven’t been through the topic the artist is writing about. It’s stripped down to not much production and it’s just Syd breaking away from a toxic relationship.. I could have done without the beat switch tho.



This album was needed.. again I’ll be the first one to admit I’m not the biggest R&B fan but this album is the real deal. Sza dropped this one for all the Women out there who feel unappreciated, the 20 something’s who don’t have life figured out yet, and for the girl who’s entirely fed up with guy’s coming into her life and fucking things up. I’m calling it now, SZA has the R&B album of the year on lock.. no one’s coming close to this AT ALL. If you haven’t already give this album a listen, it’s not too often where you listen to an album and you feel as if you really know the artist, you get exactly that feeling listening to ‘CTRL’ SZA lays out all her flaws and insecurities on the track over the smoothest production.

Standout Track ‘Normal Girl’ – Listening to this song made me want to @ SZA on twitter and let her know that she is a normal girl.. and if nobody is proud of her I damn sure am. This is why this album is so heartfelt.. it’s raw and you feel every emotion that she’s giving off.

Jay-Z ‘4:44’


Hov is THE Greatest Rapper of All time! he’s been my favorite rapper since I was 14, but I must admit when the rumors were circling about Jay getting back in the studio I was not intrigued at all. Magna Carta Holy Grail left a bad taste in my mouth and I thought the GOAT had lost a step.. he was the audible representation of Shaq in his Cavalier days to me.. and that wasn’t a pretty sight at all. Jay proved me wrong on this one, he came back with his most personal album ever; we’re talking life lessons and gem after gem after gem. Listening to this album was like watching Kobe’s last game, he showed us that coming up with double entendre’s is nothing but riding a bike to him.

Standout Track ‘4:44’ – Picking a standout track on this album was the hardest out of all of them, I choose this track because it’s amazing to see the maturity of Jay on this record.

Buddy ‘Ocean and Montana’


This one is a wild card but hear me out, Ocean and Montana is a five track EP that’ll leave you wanting more but every track is FISH GREASE. This EP is entirely produced by Kaytranada and each track will convince you that you can dance like vintage Usher in 01.. If I was throwing a party I no question would let this tape just ride out from beginning to end; the album is just a really good time.

Standout Track ‘Guillotine’ – Play this song and close your eyes and imagine you’re at the most lit summer party and bae is just throwing it at you to this song.