1606 – The Self-Published Personal Story By New Author Patrick Ware



KingDrewLove: First things first! Introduce yourself to the people! Who are you and what are you doing here?

Patrick Ware: My name is Patrick Ware. I’m from Fayetteville, North Carolina. I’m a self-published author.

KingDrewLove: You’re a self-published author. Congratulations brotha! You just finished your first book. Give us the title of the book?

Patrick Ware: The title of the book is 1606. That’s the house number where I’m from, where I grew up. I titled it that because that’s where home is. I was talking to a friend recently and he said he didn’t know where his center was; that made me think. This book is about that, my journey and finding home again. I started there but I definitely wasn’t there 2 years ago. I had to find my way back. So that’s where that title comes from.


KingDrewLove: We’ve talked before so I have to tell you, until this morning when I thought about it, I was under the impression that this book was just about your best friend you lost and that moment of tragedy in your life.

Patrick Ware: No it’s about me. I cover every year of my life. But it’s not like it drags on. The lost of him is a big part of my story. That has it’s own moment in the book but no it’s about my journey.

KingDrewLove: So out of all those moments in your life, what was the hardest part to open up about?

Patrick Ware: The one about my friend not so much because I’ve talked about that countless times and other people have lived that with me but in beginning of the book I talk about my family and our background, then I go into the second chapter which is titled “Tears.” That talks about how many times I’ve cried in my life, which I can count on one hand. The second chapter alone covers three of those moment. Two of them were like, whatever but the third one… I found myself crying about it while I was writing. That was the hardest part for me.

KingDrewLove: What made you want to write this book?

Patrick Ware: I love books. I love to read. And I always get questions about why I am the way I am and why am I so nonchalant, why am I this and that but it’s not even like that.

KingDrewLove: Your own life story had to be compelling enough to feel like it needs to be told and like you needed to share.

Patrick Ware: I don’t think it’s better or different from anyone elses. But I am always asked what makes me the way I am and what do I like to read so I’m giving you both. I’m giving you what makes me who I am and I’m giving you something to read.

KingDrewLove: Is this story wholly from your perspective?

Patrick Ware: I couldn’t tell my story from anyone else’s perspective. The beginning is all about my family but no it’s all from me.

KingDrewLove: What’s your favorite thing about the book?

Patrick Ware: Just how honest I am about everything. I used to lie and hide all the time. I wouldn’t say I was a liar but I didn’t talk to anyone about anything. They never asked and I never volunteered info. Just being honest about everything felt good. I used to be ashamed about some stuff…

KingDrewLove: So this had to be healing for you.

Patrick Ware: Yes definitely. I talk about that at the end. 2 Chainz outroduction. I talk about how I haven’t been able to have a steady relationship since… well I don’t want to give away that event but I talk about that and writing this allowed me to get some things off of my shoulders. I don’t even think about a lot of those things anymore.

KingDrewLove: I don’t think people understand the power of writing. I tell people that’s going through trying shit to start journaling. It’s gets it out of your head and on to paper where you can better understand what’s going on. The first time I journaled I was shook. The truth that came out on that paper was scary. But with truth comes understanding, and when you understand you can set yourself free.

Patrick Ware: Yes. When I went back and read what I wrote I was like oh okay! I can see what led up to this and what built up to this. It made me understand everything I was feeling back then.

KingDrewLove: It’s a powerful thing.

Is there anything in the book that might piss somebody off? Your family and friends?

Patrick Ware: Nah. Anybody that did something stupid or illegal I didn’t use there real names. Only they would know who I was talking about. I used everyone’s real name except the ones I’m committing crime with. My mom might get mad about certain things because she didn’t know some of these things that were happening. But I talk about everyone in a positive way.

KingDrewLove: Was there any story you wanted to tell but couldn’t?

Patrick Ware: Nah I explain it all. I mean I didn’t get into “oh I lost my viriginity this year” and stuff like that because that doesn’t matter. Some stuff I took out because it just wasn’t important but I had to get it all out.

KingDrewLove: I know you’re close to your mom; are you nervous about your mom reading it? Just because she has to relive all of this stuff and see that her son was going through all of this shit, a lot of which she didn’t know about..

Patrick Ware: The beginning and the end… That’s the only part I’m nervous about her reading. But the other stuff, I think she would be proud of me. She might think “I didn’t know you were going through that. Why didn’t you tell me?” But she knows what it is. I’m close to her now but we weren’t always close.

KingDrewLove: When weren’t y’all close?

Patrick Ware: In high school I was always in the streets. We lived in a nice neighborhood but we didn’t have money to spend. So I had to go get it. We didn’t have money to buy the Jordans and other stuff. I was doing crazy shit just to fit in. I was a smart guy but I just didn’t care. I wanted what those guys had. We weren’t close because I was always outside. She would tell me to come home and I wouldn’t come home. Later we moved back to my Grandmas house and when they moved out I stayed there. That caused tension between my Grandma and my mom. We didn’t get back close until I left college. We weren’t communicating like that. She would come to my basketball games and bounce right after. We wouldn’t talk. She came to my graduation and text me “congratulations.” I knew she was there but I didn’t see her. There weren’t any hugs after; everyone else was taking pictures but I just walked to my car and went home. At the time I didn’t care. I wasn’t even worried about graduating. I was going through it man. I don’t talk about that in the book though.

KingDrewLove: I had that same thing with my mom. Our relationship was rocky for awhile after I dropped out of college and I felt like she held that against me for years until I broke down the reasons why I didn’t make it through college. Then it was like damn. She didn’t know what I was going through.

Patrick Ware: My mom was hurt when I left college because that’s all she did. My mom has two masters degrees so me not getting a bachelors… Usually in black families you see someone being the first to go to a university but in my family I was the first not to go. I felt like I let everybody down. My uncle has a masters degree, my grandmother and grandfather both have bachelors degrees and they went to school in the 50’s and 60’s! I’m working on it now though. I have to be the better version of all of them. That’s what I’m going to do.

KingDrewLove: And your dad?

Patrick Ware: My dad is a big inspiration too. I don’t know him. I still have never talked to him. I want this book to fall in his hands so he can see what I had to go through and how I felt, and I hope he feels bad. I know who he is. I can add him on Facebook and tell him about it. He going to have to buy it though. He can’t get it for free.

KingDrewLove: He’s never reached out to you?

Patrick Ware: Nope. He reached out to my mom not too long ago but he’s never reached out to me. He can easily get in contact with me. My mom post me on Facebook all the time. She said he asked about me, wanted to see a picture of me. I look just like him. In the book I tell the story about why I don’t talk to him, why i never reached out and why I never questioned it.

KingDrewLove: What do you want people to get from the book?

Patrick Ware: First I want people to leave me alone about why I am the way I am. It explains everything. There’s no questions you need to ask me. I just want them to get the truth. It’s not always pretty.

KingDrewLove: Why’d you choose to self-publish instead of pursuing a book deal.

Patrick Ware: I got that advice from my best friends mom. She went through a publisher but she told me whatever I do, make sure I self-publish. She’s like a mom to me and I respect her opinion. She didn’t give no explanation but I looked into and I knew that was the right thing to do. You don’t want to give a company control and ownership over your story.

KingDrewLove: Where can we buy the book?

Patrick Ware: The kindle pre-order is available now and comes out July 23rd. The paperback will come around that time as well.

KingDrewLove: Can we expect more books from you in the future?

Patrick Ware: Of course. I am blessed to have one but I’m working on a poetry book right now. I’ve been asked to do children’s book and I’m going to do that. Maybe some fictional work. I don’t know. We’ll see.

KingDrewLove: What are your favorite books right now?

Patrick Ware: Well the ones that inspire me most on a daily are Maybe You’ll Never Cry Again by Bernie Mac and The Color of Water. That one is my all time favorite. I buy copies of that for everyone. The Bernie Mac one really inspires me to work hard. This dude didn’t become famous until he was in his 30’s, after a lot of struggles. He talks about all the odd-end jobs he had but he never gave up. That inspires me to start now and not wait until I’m 40. Everyone wants to write a book but no one wants to write a book. I’m doing it now.

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