J.Larry I just met a new producer from VA (Andre Joyner) and the producers I’ve been working with just continue to elevate their craft, which helped me elevate mine that much more

The Pratt team just spoke with Lover of art artist J.Larry  (or @OfficialJLarry) briefly after the release of his new project These Thingz Take Time. In talks, he quickly speaks on the inspiration behind his new record and how it keeps him going.

J.Larry The inspiration came from reality; almost everything of importance and true substance takes time. Babies can’t be conceived today and be born tomorrow.
This stands as a reminder to myself. People always hit me up saying “Bro I don’t know how you aren’t signed, people sleeping” which I can’t help but agree however, instead of having that negative mindset, which is sort of bitter, I’m trying to focus on the success I have gained thus far and not overlook my progress. I’m on a longer journey but I am in fact on my way!

Take notes people! While you’re at it, check out his new project These Thingz Take Time on Apple Music, Spotify, or Soundcloud and watch the music video to the track Memory Ln below!

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